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[Learn Spanish]
Learn to Speak Spanish - Spanish Pronunciation Tutorial

If you want to speak spanish like a native, our audio course includes many drills designed to instill good pronunciation technique. CLICK HERE!

  1. Vowel: a

  2. Vowel: e

  3. Vowel: i

  4. Vowel: o

  5. Vowel: u

  6. Consonant: d

  7. Consonant: r

  8. Consonant: rr

  9. Stress

  10. Intonation: Statements

  11. Intonation: Information Questions

  12. Intonation: Yes/No Questions

  13. Intonation: Choice Questions

  14. Linking: Part I

  15. Linking: Part II

  16. Linking: Part III

  17. Consonant: b/v

  18. Diphthongs: Overview

  19. Consonant: c

  20. Consonant: ch

  21. Diphthong: ai (ay)

  22. Consonant: f

  23. Diphthong: ei (ey)

  24. Consonant: g

  25. Diphthong: oi (oy)

  26. Consonant: h

  27. Diphthong: ui (uy)

  28. Consonant: j

  29. Diphthong: au

  30. Consonant: k and w

  31. Diphthong: eu

  32. Consonant: l

  33. Consonant: ll

  34. Diphthong: ia

  35. Consonant: m

  36. Diphthong: ie

  37. Consonant: n

  38. Consonant:

  39. Diphthong: io

  40. Consonant: p

  41. Diphthong: iu

  42. Consonant: q

  43. Diphthong: ua

  44. Consonant: s

  45. Diphthong: ue

  46. Consonant: t

  47. Diphthong: uo

  48. Consonant: x

  49. Consonant: y

  50. Consonant: z
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