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Foreign Language Department
Teacher's Corner

Points to Ponder
  Absence: Please call the sub line BEFORE 6AM.
  If you do not want your Emergency Plans used when you are absent,
                    e-mail your plans to at least THREE teachers.

Contact parents frequently.

  Rule of thumb: Return phone calls/e-mails within 48 hrs.

If you plan to show a video segment that is longer than 10 minutes and is not connected to the textbook:
                Please fill out a video approval form 48 hrs. in advance of  showing.       (Click on Important Documents)
                Please send a letter home to all parents if a video is rated above PG13.  (Click on Important Documents)

Please do not leave your class unattended for any reason. If you have an emergency, ask the teacher next door to watch your class. You may also use the Walkie Talkie to contact me.